Dr. Mundo is the next League of Legends champion to get a rework. Dr Mundo is next on Riot’s list for a major gameplay update. Tahm Kench is set to have his ‘acquired taste’ adjusted slightly in early 2021. Overall there is still a lot about Dr. Mundo that is not known or even decided. Tahm Kench “thicc” changes, as Phlox called them, aren’t the only ones planned champion-wise in League of Legends’ huge Season 11 shakeup either. In the update, they talked about this quite a bit. They also made his health scale with resistances, but this became problematic when health shred items smashed through his HP bar even harder. For quite awhile, this was something that many people asked if Riot was still going to do. You can ‘Like’ The Game Haus on Facebook and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter for more sports and esports articles from other great TGH writers along with Robert! However, we will update you once Riot has a more fleshed out version of his reworked kit. He said, “The TK rework is coming once preseason is more settled, and we have time to finish up the work and allocate the resources. When is the Dr. Mundo Rework Release Date? Most importantly, it looks like he will be staying dumb and purple, which is all people really care about. Now players may be wondering, what is actually known about his rework? The only parts that they seem to be keeping for sure are that he is a bumbling meet shield, that he is purple and that he is going to be from Zaun. De nouvelles informations sur la refonte de Dr. Mundo . It looks like his cleaver is staying, as well as him finding a way to buff himself from some sort of potion. Out of everything that was discussed in the dev update, there seemed to be more certain answers about this part of the rework than any. His Devour ability, which would be headed to the premiere “R” slot, would come with damage (for enemies) or a shield (for allies) depending on targets. Riot admits the River King is hard to balance around solo queue and pro play at the same time. Riot do have some clear-cut goals in mind for the rework. However, this was also quickly removed for not following his “identity.”. It could be similar to how Swain had his claw reworked. While that is good news as most people know him as the cleaver super tank, there may be some changes to how exactly these things work. League Patch 10.13 mid lane changes pushed to future update. They are wanting to try and find a delicate balance between comedy and menace. His Thick Skin passive had its ‘Grey Health’ bonus changed from 30-100% (based on levels) to 75% at all levels. Once they died, it would spread further, and do more damage. The Tahm Kench rework will land after that, Riot Phlox confirmed on Nov. 25. Are they still going to keep him as a doctor? “Our main goals are to give opponents more counterplay options against Mundo, increase Mundo’s gameplay variance beyond landing cleavers, and bring Mundo into the modern era of League without sacrificing his overall simplicity.”. The main issue with these kinds of champions ⁠— a category other famous picks like Kalista and Ryze also fall into ⁠— is “if they ever rise about 44-45% win rate [in their roles], they simply take over the professional scene,” Huang explained. Specifically, they want him to be a champion that is hard to lockdown. Riot’s aim, then, is to tweak his two “high skill cap” moves in the Season 11 mini-rework. After announcing the rework earlier this month, Riot has shared new details of what players should ⁠— and shouldn’t ⁠— expect from the Madman of Zaun’s rework. If they are able to find this balance then Mundo fans will likely rejoice. After his rework was announced earlier in June, Riot are now sharing the … Other than that they mentioned that they have considered taking out the doctor part of him or defining how exactly he is a doctor. In the latest Developer Update, Riot brought Mundo back up with brand new information. Riot have tested numerous new abilities for Mundo, but nothing has stuck yet. This means that he will have a sort of cc-immunity similar to Olaf. After a number of tests, it became clear that this was too much of an incentive for bad decision making. I have loved sports my entire life and in the last few years have grown to love Esports. There are a lot of different things discussed in the initial Developer Update. There’s a few smaller tweaks the devs have already tabled for these two abilities too. Follow us on Social Media for updates! How can they still make sure that he is uniquely Mundo? Kench’s Abyssal Voyage would become the support’s “new engage tool,” would be “faster” and have a “shorter range”. For starters they still want him to have “super-tank regeneration and the ability to constantly chuck cleavers”. Really would prefer to have it out before pro starts again, but I sadly can’t just slap a timeline here.”. They even tested out giving Mundo an ability like Malzahar’s Malefic Visions. Riot unveiled their plans for the notorious support in a. Tahm Kench is set to see his iconic kit shuffled around slightly in a Season 11 rework. The last time Tahm Kench was handed a balance update outside of minor bug fixes was in League Patch 9.19, last season. TK’s ultimate, Abyssal Voyage, will be switched to his ‘W’ ability, while Devour/Regurgitate will be the River King’s ultimate heading into Season 11. The devs have tested numerous different abilities to give League’s super tank. It sounds like they intend to keep what everyone loves about the dumb but lovable doctor and mostly bring him into the modern era of League of Legends. As for his playstyle, they still want to keep him as a very simple and easy champion for anyone to pick up. The first iteration we tested had Dr. Mundo gain one max health every time he was hit, and we soon after tried other versions of Mundo gaining max health by welcoming incoming damage. I am the President and Co-Founder of The Game Haus. In the latest Dev Update, Riot Games revealed their latest concept for his design. Dr Mundo is the next in line for a major gameplay update in League of Legends. […] What is Known About Dr. Mundo’s Rework […], […] like Aatrox, Riven, Irellia, Ezreal, Dr. Mundo (should his cleaver still work the same after his rework) and many more attack damage based bruisers to abuse this […]. It would also deal damage, and knock up enemies on arrival. “We have moved Devour to his ult slot, where it gets to be significantly more powerful as a spell cast, and therefore less dependent on allies,” Huang said. Not so long ago, Riot promised that Dr. Mundo will be the next champion in line for a visual gameplay rework in League of Legends. The next update sometime next year will likely be filled with much more information and likely, a clearer direction. However, they need to modernize his kit, while still keeping it relatively simple. These new changes have been in Riot’s testing chambers for more than half a year now, but it looks like we may have to wait just a little bit longer before the new Tahm Kench actually arrives. The Dr Mundo rework is set to be launched in Season 11, so don’t expect anything to drop this year. Could Pool Party 2020 be the next League of Legends event? Designed and Developed by, Fantasy Points Against: Running Backs to Start…, Fantasy Points Against: Wide Receivers to Start…, Fantasy Points Against: Quarterbacks to Start and…, Fantasy Points Against: Tight Ends to Start…, Sports Betting with Cryptocurrency is Going Like…, College Basketball Week 1 Weekend Preview, Auburn Self-Imposes Postseason Ban for the 2020-21…, Vancouver Titans Assistant Coach Wheats Parts Ways With the Team, Faith and Friendship – A Pre-Worlds look at CLG, An Immortal Fallacy: Why IMT isn’t ready for Worlds. Dr Mundo is the next in line for a major gameplay update in League of Legends. I write about Baseball, Basketball, and Football mostly. “It’s no secret [Tahm Kench] is one of the champions most famous for being weak for a vast majority of players because his kit is strong for pros,” Huang said. Dr. Mundo is the next League of Legends champion to get a rework. First it was Wukong, then it was Fiddlesticks and Volibear. Then they released Sett and reminded everyone that they could still make simple champions. On top of that, its cooldown would be stretched, and obviously it would be locked behind a level 6 experience barrier. League of Legends preseason patch 10.24 notes, New League of Legends champion Rell revealed, Support Pantheon is being targeted in patch 10.25, Amumu has just been whacked with a hefty chunk of nerfs. Riot have a general idea of where they want to take Dr Mundo, but nothing is solid yet. What the dev team has seemed to do is keep the Dr. part of Mundo but potentially mess with how he either thinks he is a doctor or how he once was one. I am a passionate fan of the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Redhawks, TeamSoloMid and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Game Haus aims to bring unbiased, factually sound opinions to audiences across a range of mediums that are not readily accessible in the day-to-day media outlets. Finally, Tahm Kench may be getting a bit more self-healing in his reworked kit, with his Q ability Tongue Lash currently giving the River King a little HP top-up on-hit. Sports: Facebook Twitter Esports: Facebook Twitter, @2020 - thegamehaus.com. “With a longer cooldown and no access to the ability before [level] 6, opponents should also be able to capitalize on its downtimes [in better ways.]”.