But will it manage to find a loo in time, or will it be too late? On Emmi’s big day, the Brix family is assembled in a woodland clearing waiting for the unicorn to arrive, but what trots towards them through the magical mist? Currently no events. He comes up with a super idea for a pancake-eating competition to bring everyone together. Be the first to contribute! The little owl has hurt herself. They don’t know that Lara also has some help. Terrible giants feature here alongside thundering gods, irascible heroes, virtuous maidens and sly dwarves. Rosalie still tries to fly there but loses her way in Magenta Wood. Die Grünen Zum Goldenen Hirschen. Andrea lives with his father and his pet rabbit, Maikel. Under its roof, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger unites publishing companies with a particular success story: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger with the Oetinger Taschenbuch imprint, Oetinger Media, Dressler Verlag with the Ellermann imprint, Verlag für Kindertheater. Soon, Nelly has a reputation for being the arrogant bitch of the neighbourhood who never misses a chance to put her foot in it. Will you say goodnight to the animals once more? But neither medicine, nor fresh air or chocolate cake help. Be your best self – always, at all times! Visit the publisher’s website for up-to-date events (visit website). The stories are set in Germany and describe, among other things, the Iranian festival Sizdah Bedar, Afghan fast breaking, and Senegalese drumming. But where do they go to? When, with increasing urgency, the books entreat her to help them, Lucy attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. Am 31.August ziehen nun alle Mitarbeiter in den Hamburger Speicher in direkter Nähe des Altonaer Bahnhofs in Hamburg. Monday: fun at the pony farm; Tuesday: mediaeval knights; next week: dinosaurs … A new, innovative series concept that makes learning the days of the week child’s play. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. But when 18-year-old skater Yannik comes on the scene, fitting in starts to get easier for Nelly in her new environment. A road trip that goes straight to the heart! And Lucy has the feeling that Nathan, to whom she feels irresistibly drawn, is somehow involved in it all. So saving the world will have to wait if she’s to get rid of the annoyingly nice Netti. Watch out, the Unstoppable Five are in our midst! This third-generation, family-managed media house has now been publishing stories for children, young people and adults for over 70 years. Their lives are sometimes chaotic but, all in all, the three get along perfectly well – until Fidaa and her mother move in. But is he also a pretty monster? Biography submission guide. The very first mission for the animal rescue commando comes along when little Diego doesn’t like going to the new woodland nursery school and feels very homesick. Emmi is furious. When the Sat invites a few colleagues from the world of Sats to his very first Christmas, some intentional – and also one or two unintentional – wishes come true. Back at the forester’s lodge, Pete begins to feel sad again because he is still all alone. You’ve heard someone shriek like that before, haven’t you? Potty training with Alpaca – A humorous tale about every parent’s travel nightmare. There are thousands of prohibitive signs – and lots of frightened people. Jurymeinung: "Klar, sachlich und informativ: Ein kleines, aber beeindruckendes Taschenbuch zum Klimawandel legt die Autorin vor und … The friends put up a valiant fight, but can they save Matilda? The 20 stories vary in length and feature popular topics, like pirates and princesses, animals, holidays, knights and football. But what’s the best way to make it better? (avj), Braubachstraße 16 60311 Frankfurt am Main Managing Director: Margit Müller info@avj-online.de, Further information on our association can be found at: www.avj-online.de.