Delete vercel.json from "yarn workspaces" example: #17263 Add project name to examples/with-three-js create command: #17256 Example: with-next-auth updated to v3: #17266 In the end you can't really go wrong with either, but if I had to pick one after using both extensively, I would vote for Netlify. Click which Vercel account to use, Click Add, In the Admin Key Secret field, paste the key that you created in step 3, in the Fauna setup procedure, Click Save Secret, Click the Select a project select box, Enter your project name (faunadb-vercel-sample-app) and press Return, Under Link To Project, click the faunadb-vercel-sample-app button. Contribute to vercel/next.js development by creating an account on GitHub. Confirm set up and deploy by entering y + enter; It will then prompt you to select a Scope to deploy too. Then initiate a new Vercel project by running the following command: vercel If this is your first time using the Vercel CLI on your machine, ... You can delete the helloWorld.js file. Vercel's pricing was recently changed and not necessarily for the better, whereas Netlify actually recently lowered their pricing tiers. If you belong to multiple teams or accounts it will show all of them in a list and you can select which one to deploy to using the arrow keys. Contribute to vercel/vercel development by creating an account on GitHub. Custom uploaded SSL Certificates will now take precedence over SSL Certificates that were generated by the system. When redeploying a Deployment or promoting it to Production, a new pipeline is used, which drastically increases the reliability of the features. Also in terms of usability, I find Netlify a total breeze to work with (Vercel is also good, but not quite the same). Since the release of monorepos support, there is no need to use the "builds" property or "vercel.json". Create a new Vercel Project and deploy by running the previous command again. $ vercel. The React Framework. This PR removes "vercel.json" from the Yarn workspaces example. Tip: Don’t forget vercel.json is a symlink and shouldn’t to be modified (run ln vercel.staging.json vercel.json if you messed it up ) yarn deploy - Will deploy the project online, and automatically create the Vercel project first, if it doesn’t exist already; Go to Vercel to see the project … The RedwoodJS framework is now automatically detected when creating new Vercel Projects using the Dashboard or Vercel CLI. Update references to Now CLI as Vercel CLI Co-authored-by: Steven Skip to content