facebook The first official photo of Amber Heard as Mera in the film Aquaman has arrived. Redeem a Promo Code Contests & Giveaways An obscure moment plucked from the deeps, this scene from Aquaman #21 is a great example of the hints towards bondage that were prominent in some early comics. Earn Rewards Points Quickly gaining a buzz with the release of the latest trailer, DC Comics' forthcoming blockbuster Justice League is hitting the screen in about a month. One (1) pair of gold and bronze colored armor-like boots, One (1) Atlantean Mother Box Specially designed Justice League themed figure stand with Aquaman nameplate and the movie logo. pinterest, Need help? Artist Profiles I put him on a koa wood long board surf board that I picked up during my last trip to Hawaii with a sixth scale figure in mind. Aquaman (2018) - Arthur Curry niechętnie stara się przejąć władzę w podwodnym królestwie Atlantydy, żeby zapobiec wojnie z ludźmi żyjącymi na powierzchni. Visit the Gift Shop, Shopping Links On Sale It's been quite the journey for Arthur and Mera throughout this run, as the once happy couple discovered they were having a baby, and soon after things went completely sideways. ", Tristram then offers his services, navigational or matrimonial, and when Mera and Arthur embrace, he says "so, looks like it'll be matrimonial then? Shop with Us The director, James Wan shared a stunning picture of the 31-year-old wearing a form-fitting green ensemble. With the events in #65 though, all that is in the past, and we finally get to see our two favorite heroes finally get married with all their friends in attendance. Gift Guides Guest-starring the Justice League in a finale that will amaze you!". Search Wishlists About Us Music: "Fun in a Bottle" By Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com Featuring a brand new head sculpt with detailed long hair sculpture, a sophistically tailored gold and black colored full body armor, a Trident, a Atlantean Mother Box ,and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand. Product Instructions Customer Support All Deals Our Blog, Affiliate and Wholesale Links Newsletter, Help Links Exiled from her kingdom, Mera fled Dimension Aqua for the Earth dimension whereupon she met the Atlantean sea-king, Aquaman. C. Alejandro JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. Looks just like Jason! "Villains, heroes, machinations, and long-held grudges from Kelly Sue DeConnick’s definitive Aquaman run all converge in this issue! Arthur responds "looks like you're gonna marry me. When I say sideways, I mean it, as after that reveal not only did Arthur completely panic but it resulted in Mera accidentally killing him, and...well, it's been an interesting road back. Looks just like Jason! Browse Manufacturers Several years ago, a criminal named Leron seized control of the kingdom and deposed Queen Mera. Gift Finder Thanks again Sideshow! Help Center Mera was once an undersea queen in an alien otherworldly dimension commonly referred to as Dimension Aqua. Gift Cards Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, DC's Aquaman and Mera Are Finally Married, Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Hits The Beach With Ty Lee, Saved by the Bell Reboot Reveals Screech’s Fate, PlayStation Plus Games for December 2020 Revealed, Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Apologizes For Yelling At Ungrateful Contestant, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Has Good News for Those Still Playing, Cyberpunk 2077 Update Is Good News for PS4 and Xbox One Players, PlayStation Announces Another PS Plus Bonus for December. Looks just like Jason! Awesome figure that put a definite exclamation mark in my cabinet collection!! Six (6) pieces of interchangeable hands including: One (1) specially tailored Aquaman suit with gold and bronze colored scale-patterned armor plates. Browse Genres Retail Store Locator, Contact and Social Links More Resources Returns & Exchanges Enjoy! Learn more. But I was thinking, with everybody here, it could be a wedding if you'll still have me. Aquaman #65 brings Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on the character to a close, and we couldn't depart from this run on the character without finally paying off one of the most teased events along the way. Hell, a large portion of Wonder Woman was based on it. Hot Toys Aquaman June 22, 2019 Verified Purchase. Tabletop View — Aquaman Sixth Scale Figure. Now, making an official debut in Justice League, Aquaman is recruited by Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince as one of the key members of the unprecedented league to save the planet and fight against a new villain. Award-winning customer support with a 30-day guarantee. Connect with Us