Is the content optimized for search engines? Whether you do this internally, or hire a copyeditor, this step is crucial for fixing grammar errors, correcting misspellings, improving overall structure, creating clarity and fact-checking the text and quotes, according to The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now, it’s time to show the work off to the team. Have you outlined the KPIs for the goals you’ve set? OOPS! With additional analytical digging, you can also discover what types of content resonate with your specific audience and will help move them through the customer journey. You have to be able to deliver on your intent. Finally, are you sending your content out via a third-party distribution service, native advertising campaign or content discovery platform? People make buying decisions based on multiple, fluid factors, creating an overlap in how they associate and engage with your brand day-to-day. | #ContentMarketing, 7 Meaningful Activities to Develop Your Brand’s Voice, Importance of Brand Consistency: 7 Key Approaches for Keeping Aligned, How to Make an Editorial Style Guide That’s Freelancer-Friendly (With Templates for Google Slides, PowerPoint and PDFs), Storynomics Story-Driven Marketing in the Post-Advertising World, Want to Master Your Next Creative Brief? Communicate with stakeholders. Can you estimate how the content you plan to create will funnel into the benchmarks? Make content production and publication consistent. This process should be fluid, and may need adjustment as you gain new information about your customers and audience. But if your task is broader, for example, write a piece of early-stage content that will drive organic traffic to your website, then you may need to investigate other methods of coming up with content ideas. Questions you should ask when you’re identifying your audience: Why you do what you do — whether it’s offering services or products, or both — is ultimately guided by your brand’s goals. Have you assessed your audience’s needs and desires? Have you or the talent set interviews with the right subject matter experts for the content? Other pieces of content may be best suited for plaintext. What persona am I targeting with this piece of content? This part you’re already a pro at. This is the moment when we transition from content creation to content distribution. Finally, wrap up your concept with a bow in a compelling creative brief. Do they tell a story? Screenwriting lecturer and teacher Robert McKee stresses the need for business leaders to think like authors in his book, ‘Storynomics Story-Driven Marketing in the Post-Advertising World.’. If you discover issues, you might have to go back to the revision phase and fix them. Polish, polish, polish! Questions to ask when preparing logistics: After sharing assignments with the people who will be creating the content, let the creativity fly! But, then what? Each time you start a content creation project, take the time … Perhaps both are a good idea, especially when preparing for the first round of feedback and revisions. But don’t forget that the content creation journey, from ideation to publish, is ongoing. Have you established a process, contract, and payment system to collaborate legally? Das gefällt uns. If you’ve set up steps 1 and 2 effectively, you should have everything you need to create amazing content. Prefer to read a PDF? Creating great content starts with a well-established process. Does it differ from what your competition is producing? But maybe she’s also browsing protein shake options at health food retailers and the latest HIIT workouts on YouTube. Let’s say your strategy calls for blog posts and podcast episodes. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies detailed in our cookie policy. Let’s find out. Have you or the talent done the necessary research for the content? Have you done a gut-check or scan for any plagiarism? Have you determined if you will collaborate with your audience? Or is this piece of content evergreen? We can handle it all. Content today is consumed across a variety of desktop and mobile platforms and devices. They will review the content not for adherence to the editorial guidelines, but rather to ensure the information expressed doesn’t violate any laws, branding initiatives or internal ethical codes. Before putting the content out for the world to see, it needs to be prepared. Brilliance shared with the wrong people goes… nowhere. Have you made notes to give feedback to the talent? Cover your technical bases. Questions to ask when reviewing experience: The last step is ensuring your content is prepped for all of its intended destinations and can easily be shared by your audiences. Because content can take many forms – blog post, video, eBook, Tweet, infographic, advertisement, to name a few – the content creation process is nuanced and not always as simple as it might seem. Should it be uploaded to a cloud-based platform (like ClearVoice) so everyone can view it? Completing a competitive analysis on their current marketing efforts, and gleaning what’s working can give you a leg up on what to try, or steer clear from. You didn’t come this far to publish “good enough content.”. What additional assistance or resources will I need (a designer to create an infographic, a video producer to film a script, etc.) But, what does this look like? Can you find a balance between both? These CTAs may vary per platform to better align with your audience targeting and goals. Once you’ve finished the ideation phase and know which topic you want to write about, the next step is to plan and outline what you’re going to create. Is the content I’m creating timely? But, as you write, film, design, or produce, keep in mind that content creation is a living, breathing process. Who in my organization will this piece of content help. | #ContentMarketing, 10 Types of Content Writers and When to Use Them, The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Hiring and Working With Freelancers, The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Freelance Writers, FACT: Most marketing teams hire creative talent to augment their content production. Your brand won’t be on their radar unless it’s in front of their eyes. Via an interactive quiz or multi-page PDF download? If your freelancer chooses to photograph the subject away from their home or the business they’re backing, you may also need to secure a permit and property release for public on-location still and video shoots. Have you gathered any research to consider in the content concept? The five habits in this post help you see five specific vantage points from which you’ll want to approach content creation. Maintain regular engagement with your audience. Have you thoroughly read or reviewed the content? Have you set a clear deadline with the talent for any revisions? It’s time to look closer at why the output step is so challenging. ClearVoice takes the guesswork out of finding, vetting, hiring, onboarding, collaborating with, and paying freelance teams. Did you include CTAs that reflect the social platform where you’d like to engage? This essential document outlines all the project details (and links to additional resources) needed to execute the content creation. Auf duden stand, dass "domestizieren" eher mit "das Tier an den Menschen gewöhnen" verbunden wird. Can you imagine going into a meeting with the marketing and sales teams and reporting those numbers? For example, if you’re hiring a photographer to take environmental portraits of a satisfied customer to accompany a written case study, you’ll need a model release on file. Have you determined if they can produce the type of content you need? In the 2019 Adobe Brand Content Survey, researchers discovered that in addition to brand websites, younger generations consider social networks and video channels very important when researching items to purchase and follow-up after a purchase.