Only weeks after a scandal at Thuringia’s state parliament triggered a political crisis in Germany just before the Corona crisis hit, there is a new problem in the same federal state. Corona crisis in Thuringia: The strange special way of Bodo Ramelow. The crisis in Thuringia has been a nightmare for Merkel and the CDU, kicking off a political domino effect of resignations and dismissals. Although politicians in Thuringia, which held state elections in 2019, finally managed to agree to elect the head of the government following lengthy debates this February, the situation shortly thereafter deteriorated and resulted in a political crisis. The crisis remains unresolved, with the CDU’s leader in the eastern state also announcing on Friday plans to step down. Thomas Kemmerich beat Die Linke with the backing of both the CDU and the AfD; the AfD did not submit any votes for their own candidate. Merkel acc The head of Angela Merkel's CDU party in the state of Thuringia has stepped down in the wake of a voting scandal. Both parties plan to hold a crisis meeting on Saturday. 2020-10-31T17:53:49.981Z This time, Bodo Ramelow, the First Minister of Thuringia, announced he would throw the main Corona rules overboard on June 6th, 2020. The behavior of CDU's Thuringia branch also enraged the Social Democrats, who have been the party's traditional partner in forming the federal government. Merkel’s CDU was plunged into crisis on Wednesday after the election of an FDP politician as Thuringia’s State Premier using votes from the far-right AfD. From Thuringia Crisis to CDU Struggle. Q&A The first dismissal occurred three days after the controversial vote with Merkel ousting CDU commissioner Christian Hirte, a key figure for the party in East Germany.