Lepin quality control isn't the same as Lego. Only Thing lego can do with lepin is Sue and C&D set that their own IP. According to numerous source, this would be the second largest set based on the bricks count, however Lepin … Also i don't think lego can shutdown factory since make bricks is … Without help from IP Holder Lego can’t do anything with license set. January 21, 2020. First thing the Lepin … The only significant differences are the Lepin branding and the … Review on LEPIN 16060 Hogwarts Castle Bootleg of LEGO 71043 This was a review on Lepin Hogwart Castle set cloned by infamous bootlegger Lepin. Lego set announcement; LEGO vs LEPIN – Jan 20, 2020 final decision in favour of LEGO. Finally we got a review on Lepin 05132 UCS Millennium Falcon which is a clone of LEGO 75192. Lepin managed to release this set a month after the launch of the original. At the least, you may notice some minor casting differences in the form of slight indents on some pegs that don't affect function or aesthetics. 20 Jan 2020 – In the latest update to the ongoing legal battle between LEGO and Lepin(a copycat brick company), the Guangzhou Intellectual Property court have ruled a final decision in favour of LEGO … … The LEGO Group wins final decisions in major intellectual property lawsuits against Lepin manufacturer in China The LEGO Group announced today that it has received favourable final decisions from the … Die Shantou Meizhi Model Co., Ltd. hatte … As you can see below, even the box art of Lepin's version is a blatant rip-off of the genuine LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer set. LEGO hatte Rechtsmittel gegen Shantou Meizhi Model Co., Ltd. als Inhaber von Lepin in mehreren Fällen von Verletzungen des geistigen Eigentums eingelegt.