Because it only weights 1700 gr. It weighs about 3.75lbs (1.7Kg) which isn’t the lightest helmet, but shouldn’t really cause you any problems because that’s just about bang on the average weight across all modular helmets. Wherever you are. If you’re looking to use a different bluetooth, then be aware that the speaker pockets are pretty slim, so you’ll need to have slim fit speakers otherwise they might well be uncomfortable. New season Road, Off Road, Commuter, City and Race helmets are in stock now! Only 3 left in stock - order soon. And the great news now is that when SHARP tested the ECE version of the LS2 Valiant, it scored an excellent four stars for safety (and the chin bar scored a high 97%). The internal sun shade mechanism works well, but the shield itself distorts vision, rendering it useless.The whole thing’s flawed, I hope it’s not still in production in the original form. Noise level is a little higher than I would like. Brand new helmets for everything you need Review of LS2’s flip-over polycarbonate modular helmet. LS2 RIDERS; GALLERY; DEALERS; 0. GR 1700 ± 50 It comes with a Pinlock in the box and is a tad lighter than the LS2, though it’s a tad more expensive too. If you're after a new modular/flip-up helmet, they've never been more popular and there's a ton of choice out there. If you’re coming to a Valiant from a full face helmet, expect it to be a bit noisier than you’re used to, and wear some decent ear plugs. Mistake. Because it's doubly certified as a Full face and a Open … The chin guard then rotates to the back of the helmet where it stays in place through gravity alone (i.e. And while the Valiant is only made in two shell sizes (which isn’t the best for fitment or, arguably, for safety) it does use a multi-density polystyrene lining to offer more progressive shock absorption during an impact. Not too hot with the chinbar in place and very comfortable with the chin-bar retracted. Toggle navigation. It hasn’t been Snell tested, but looking at the UK SHARP test data, their average score for a tested LS2 polycarbonate helmet is 3 stars out of 5. And there’s Shark’s other flip-over helmet, the Evoline 3. At the back, there’s four separate exhaust vents to help pull that warm, stale air out of the helmet, making room to let more fresh air in. VALIANT; Description; Confort; Visor; Comfort; Segucurity; Ventilation; Graphics; THE BESTTechnology. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. This whole situation has been a waste of effort, and money. Wherever you are. The Valiant is designed for regular road riders and commuters – so track riders should look elsewhere (like in our sportsbike helmets section). LS2 needs to re-negotiated their deal with Sena. But on the plus side, it’s good value, has that really practical chin guard that flips back out of the way, has a useful wide shield with Fog Fighter coating and a drop down sun visor. Wherever you go. Excellent lateral visibility. Serwis stworzony przez motocyklistów. (it's how we finance the site). We’ve gotta mention the two Sharks which are most similar to the LS2 Valiant. That was safety rated by SHARP as 5 star, has a drop down sun visor and is good for glasses wearers. LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet (Matte Black - Small) 4.3 out of 5 … In winter or in summer. $39.98. Really hope he pulls through OK. Je hebt hetzelfde product elders goedkoper gezien? So, if you’re after a dual homologated – flip-right-over modular helmet, the LS2 Valiant’s excellent value and well worth a try. The helmet construction is an improvement over my Shark Evoline 3 (similar design), with the exception of their failure to provide adequate space for glasses and speakers. If you’ve ever checked out the Shark Evoline or Shark Evo-one 2 modular helmets, you might find there’s more than a passing resemblance with the LS2 Valiant.. Not only is the design pretty similar, but the Valiant is also ECE dual-homologated flip-up helmet too – where the chin bar rotates right to the back of the helmet to give … Because of its unbelievable price. In the US, the Valiant comes with a LS2 Fog Fighter prepared anti-fog face shield that’s also a wide shield to give decent extra peripheral visibility to spot hazards approaching. The Valiant is both DOT (US) and ECE 22-05 (EU) certified so it’s passed the thorough ECE testing regime, which is good to know. Normal helmets slide and or snap in. In winter or in summer. Put the first 90 miles on it yesterday and another 130 today — riding in 100+ degree weather. It's comfy too and that chin guard mechanism is super easy to use. But one you wear them your locked in. The helmet has a “glasses friendly” logo on each side, yet I could not get even the thinnest glasses through to my ears. VALIANT; Description; Confort; Visor; Comfort; Segucurity; Ventilation; Graphics; THE BESTTechnology. What more could you ask for? Je hebt hetzelfde product elders goedkoper gezien? I am coming from a Shoei Neotec I, which is miserable in hot weather and LOUD. VALIANT FF399 . The fit is nice, getting the unit to work…… ain’t happened yet. There’s the Shark Evo One 2; that’s a flip-over modular that’s been safety rated by SHARP with an excellent four star rating. And I have only wore this a couple times. And like the two Sharks, the Valiant has a thermoplastic shell – LS2 calls it a Kinetic Polymer Alloy but don’t be confused – it’s still a polycarbonate shelled helmet. It is key to obtain a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside, as well as the shell, the configuración of the EPS liner, which should match closely the human head shape. Wherever you go. LS2 FF399 Valiant Solid Wit elders goedkoper gezien? Tu dowiesz się co kupić dla siebie i dla swojego motocykla. Sun visor actually comes down far enough to keep out of your line of sight. Sizing of the Valiant is about right – so follow our fitting guide and order the correct size. Click above to drop onto their LS2 helmets pages or *quick view store T&Cs here. For this reason I am thinking of buying a new helmet. When the Sena unit stopped charging, I was told by the dealer and Sena that LS2 was responsible for any warranty claims. I asked for a refund, no dice. at a max of 30MPH. Only the UK’s SHARP helmet test reports on how safe the chin bars are on modulars – and obviously that’s on UK-spec helmets which may differ from US helmets. And we uncover what features you can expect if you decide to buy one. But a real comfy helmet once situated. With this design you expect wind noise, but this helmet also provides a “howl.” On my first ride in it I mistook the howl for a siren. Like other helmets where the chin guard rotates round to the back of the helmet, the movement of unlocking and pushing up the chin guard on the Valiant opens the faceshield  and moves it out of the way of the guard. For a reasonable price, you get a full-featured helmet that should work well anywhere from a daily commuting helmet to a touring helmet. But don’t forget, that’s a European ECE helmet that was tested, not DOT – and we can’t be certain they’re identical helmets. Because of its unbelievable price. It's a bit noisy, and the top vent's a bit rubbish according to owners. I had to cut channels in the styrofoam. And the Valiant offers good value for money too. I can feel my hair moving inside the helmet. LS2 Helmets 03-168 Valiant Helmets Visor FF399 Unisex-Adult Flip Up Helmet Modular Helmets Replacement Face Shield (Clear), Free size 4.8 out of 5 stars 55 $39.98