The Steamulation Pro Crystal. 6.2 cm Height: about 4cm 26mm carbon usable From Oblako to Alpaca, to higher end brands such as Stone Hookah Bowls & MIT luxury. Product details: aluminum Outside diameter: approx. Octopuz Shisha Nautiluz 2.0 - Purple Gold Shiny Inhalt 1 Stück 124,90 € * 155,87 € * From smoking behavior consistently a classic traditional shisha sets the Neptune in terms of workmanship and design standards. Target Shisha - Stick Full Set. Looking to buy a new Shisha Bowl? The Neptune of the already well-known manufacturer Octopuz sets standards in terms of reinterpretation of traditional shishas. We stock bowls from all over the world! All your Hookah Bowl. Egyptian Bowl. Click on the link to read our Buyers Guide to Buying a Shisha Bowl . Product information "Octopuz plankton" Octopuz plankton The Octopuz plankton can handle only one coal, making it the most fuel-efficient tower ever. 36 Item(s) 1 Review(s) Black Silicone Shisha Bowl + Charcoal Pan Set. £134.99. Add to Cart. Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. 1. Octopuz Glas Molassefänger Four Arms 18/8 - Rot SAUBERE SHISHA – Über der Rauchsäule platziert fängt der Molassefänger Schmutz, wie Molasse oder Tabak ab. £209.99 . In total there are 9 shisha bowl types: Egyptian bowls, Vortex bowls, Phunel bowls, AppleOnTop bowl, Inverted Bowl, Glinder Bowl, Crown Bowl, Syrian Bowls and Electric Bowls. Totem Hookah - Idol Red Spark With Base, Coals & Foil. Sort by: Position . Of course, it works best in conjunction with a commercially available sound head. £169.99. The hookah has a closed-chamber system and bowl and smoke column are classically connected to a plug connection. £299.99. Position Name Price Manufacturer Flavour VG/PG Pack Size . Union Hookah Sleek - Cracks (Black Fuchsia) with … Dadurch bleibt die Bowl, Rauchrohr und Wasser sauber und leichter zu reinigen. Union Hookah Sleek - Black Yellow Foil. Octopuz Hookah Oduman Orden Prince Company Regal Hookah RetroFit RF Hookahs Shika ... Target Shisha - Phantom with Bowl, Coal & Foil. £29.95 . £124.99. Below is a short description of each bowl type and links for more reading.