Not too shabby eh? Excl. Overall though, I love it, the helmet is pretty cool, especially if you have a classic bike, Sadly I don't but it doesn't look to shabby on my XJ600. I bought this is the July 14 and I've been riding it now for around 5 months, I've covered around 4000 miles with this lid. The combination of light and resistant fibers … Ho acquistato il Trophy bianco facendo subito 1500 km in un fine settimana, di cui circa 500 sotto l'acqua. Premier Trophy, ospite di questa puntata di Recensito è un casco che riprende lo stile e le forme dei caschi degli anni 70, ma ovviamente risponde alle norme di sicurezza moderne. The future of the planet is the future of humanity and safeguarding human life depends on protection of the environment. Legal address : Via T.Bandettini, 529 – 55100 Lucca (LU) Italy. Le imbottiture delle guance, anch’esse rifinite in similpelle, sono removibili, mentre il cinturino dispone di chiusura a doppio anello. s.r.l. È inoltre. So now to the Helmet, I did a little trip up to London to the Urban Rider store to try the helmet on, the staff in their where very nice and the store makes your wallet want to commit suicide. $399.00. €214.36. P.M.R. Ma del Trophy c'è anche la versione "total carbon". Premier Trophy Carbon is an outstanding addition to Premier´s Retro Full Face collection. DMD 75 SeventyFive retro cross helmet hand-painted in matte grey with used look & ECE 22-05 standard - shop now at 24Helmets! The wind noise is a monster but its easily remedied, and the visor is a poo, I would like Premier to do a better visor for this helmet. THE WIND, anything above 65mph sounds like your head is stuck in an abundance of white noise - earplugs recommended. When I was on the hunt of for a new piece of face saving protection, I didn't fancy another power-ranger glitter ball, I wanted to find something classical, something that gave a little nod to the yesteryear of motorcycling, And after hours of scouring the internet in my pants late at night, it turns out theres hardy any modern day full faced helmets, if you want retro you have to sacrifice your face with an open face helmet leaving it to the elements to turn your face into something that resembles one of Picasso's masterpieces. PREMIER TROPHY MX BTR 8 BM. disponibile come accessorio la visiera dark a 3 bottoni. Realizzato in fibre composite. Premier Trophy Helmet from the UK's leading online bike store. Vi facciamo notare che non solo i guanciali sono removibili però ma anche il resto dell'imbottitura anche se l'operazione di rimozione è da effettuare con cura. Legal address : Via T.Bandettini, 529 – 55100 Lucca (LU) Italy. Collection: VINTAGE COLLECTION: Family: FULL FACE: Category: TROPHY: Helmet’s name: TROPHY CARBON: Shell: 1: Material: Carbon Aramidic Fiber + Epoxy Resin: Air flows: It has a good old fashion flat chin guard which many people still look at with confusion, and a press stud visor which is a strange one to get use to. But its one of the few affordable vintage styled EC approved full face helmets on the UK market and you know you look the bees knees wearing it. closure type: Double-D Ring Lock. Una gallery sull'undicesima edizione del raduno, Dopo aver vinto il titolo MX2 l'anno scorso, lo s, Auto bellissime, moto e ospiti d'eccezione, Il Cadore ospita la penultima gara del trofeo. Le taglie vanno dalla XS alla XL ed è disponibile in 3 versioni in carbonio (due con grafica e una monocolore),undici varianti grafica, 5 versioni monocolore e la versione mono PK U9BM. 680 del 26.11.2003, Ecco a voi il Premier Trophy, presentato in una grafica Pin-up che piacerà senz'altro agli amanti del vintage. di Milano Num. Our company has made sustainability a goal of the Premier Humanogy Project and is moving towards ever more green and responsible choices, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of our production cycle. So the gent behind the counter disappeared for a good 10 mins having a rummage around the stockroom and returned with a matt black version, I've never been a big fan of Matt black, but when I tried it on with my Trialmaster style jacket I did come all over with rose tinted glasses and before you knew I gave the man £180. The Trophy MX is offered in sizes from M through to XL, and it weighs in at 1.29 kgs. Anche le imbottiture interne sono in perfetta sintonia con lo stile del casco. s.r.l. So the helmet its self is made from a DCA (Dyneema/ Carbon/ Aramidic fibre) shell, its just made form one mould not bits put together giving it its sleek minimal design, the interior is a combination of fabrics and leather-esque which goes hand in hand with its out counter-partner. Per maggiori informazioni potete visitare il sito